The studio initiates its engagement with a project by determining  a detailed brief, derived from conversations and directions from stakeholders and their representatives. Defining this “reality” helps prioritize solutions to core challenges . This has served as a catalyst to a successful outcome  in use.

The studio engages with the project through an iterative process to find the ideal fit for these ‘realities’ which have been determined. This design  process is supplemented by  consultations and review process with client teams and consultants to identify the solution which works, an almost Darwinian evolutionary approach to defining the design. This is complemented with comprehensive documentation and periodic  visits to site during execution.

We believe the elegance of the solution lies in the understanding of the specificity of the problem.

The core team at the studio comprises of architects and support staff and is supplemented by independent consultants for specialized input for Lighting/Acoustics/ HVAC ,when required . The studio takes the lead to coordinate the documentation with consultants to ensure that there is a cohesiveness in overall vision.

Every project is led by a Principal architect , with a project architect assigned to lead the interface with the client and consultants, and the studio engaging collectively to realize the design. The intensity of engagement remains constant across project types and scales, and  we try to question and confront the norms of templated design solutions. This has created a continuous train of thought and idea which continues to inspire the future of the practice.

Design as a collaborative process…

The realization of our spaces are made possible by a mix of craftsmanship and new technologies. The coming together of the skills and abilities of numerous people. ADC has built relationships and nurtured teams which have helped us achieve bespoke interior solutions. We have built a network of vendors to source a wide variety of products both within India and abroad.

We have worked with metals, earth, and extensively with wood. These accents inspired by heritage techniques have helped us create bespoke environments in look and feel. The studio spends considerable time engaging in smaller projects like furniture which have helped us create a unique base of knowledge on the efficient application of these materials and techniques across various scales.

It is our vision that the spaces we create are an amalgam of craft and techniques from lore complemented by the relative advantages of speed, comfort and volume afforded by new manufacturing technologies.