Daycare Centre

This day care centre is a buildiing for toddlers and preschoolers to spend short periods of time away from home. The facility was conceived to address the growing need for a safe and enriching environment for working parents to leave their children in, and also help them make the transition from home to school, gradually. The facility is laid out like an island within the plot to allow for a large holding area to handle the congestion that will occur at drop and pick up. A corridor along the periphery is used to protect the actual activity spaces from sound and helps create a protected environment for interaction and exploration .They also help hide service and staff movement from the children and eventually leads to a single control point at the entrance to ensure safety and controlled access. The activity rooms are modular and combinable to allow for the facility to be customized . There is a separate space for the new children – to allow them time to settle, with closer supervision from the facility-in- charge,without disrupting the activities of the other children.The rooms open into the play area in the courtyard, creating a vibrant spillover space for the children to gather.