AMM Library

The renovation of the Library at AMM School, Chennai was done on a tight timeline and a moderate budget. It involved the expansion and reconfiguration of the existing library for the students of middle and high school. The layout allows for better access to the books , for spaces to read in private, and space for discussion. The librarian was given a central location and a defined kiosk so the library didn’t resemble a classroom as it did before . The use of stools allowed for student to distribute themselves across the room or congregate around the community table. The final layout of the stacks substantially increased the storage available. It ensured that the books were only displayed one row deep and could be segregated into sections as the collection grows. The most expensive reference collections were put on display within the line of sight of the librarian and easily accessible to the students. The library has now been in use for the last few months , and although gossip continues to be of prime importance both librarian and students are enjoying the books and space a little more.