Rowing Gym

The Rowing Gym was a long awaited addition to the facilities available at the the Madras Boat Club completed in the end of 2016 by the studio. This facility was to function independent of the existing gym and focus on the fitness routine of the oarsmen. The space allotted was an old store room adjacent to the boat shed. The design established views to the river and allows for a visual connection between people at the gym and on the raft and river. The creation of large windows allows for ample daylight and the choice to use the space without air-conditioning. The feature wall has a hand painted signage with an anonymous quote that has become extremely popular with the community and celebrates the sport of rowing. This element has ensured the clarity in the purpose and use of the space.There are other discrete references to the sport within the space like the design of the lighting to reflect the movement of the oars on a boat.