Apartment 06

This home is located within a low-rise apartment in a quiet neighbourhood. It was renovated to reflect the eclectic taste of the clients, with artefacts and collectibles from their travels and time together. The complementary furnishings range from family heirlooms to thrifted pieces that the home owners refinished and updated.
The home has an open main floor plan to let in as much light and air into the apartment. The cosy living room leads on to a dining room with a signature dining table and statement lights as the focal point. The open kitchen and bar complete the social spaces, which lead into the private tucked in bedrooms. The bar/reading nook overlooking a picture window, is a favourite part of the house and was created by removing the existing balcony and bringing that space into the house. A neutral palette of whitewashed walls in the living and complementary brown wooden floor are injected with a number of accent pieces and bold art. The bedrooms and baths are left with simple details to make it more quiet and relaxing for the homeowners to unwind towards the end of the day.